5 Ways to look and feel better this summer!


5 Ways to look and feel better this summer!

#1 FOOD – Pay attention to what you are eating, this sounds simple but very few people do it. It all begins with food whether or not you want an increase in athletic performance or just to look better in the mirror. It all begins with FOOD! Here is the most simplified nutrition advice in one sentence. Eat REAL foods that you can see in nature and that contain the least amount of ingredients when you are full stop eating! This is the most important of all five items. You will have fuel your body until the day you leave this ball of dirt. Your two options mindlessly eating all and anything in front of you or start looking at the food quality and quantity that you stuff into you gullet!

#2 Sleep – But John I don’t have time to sleep. What if we put a timer on your phone for the amount of time you spent scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or any of these other social media apps? Would we find some extra time there? Also work on improving the quality of your sleep. Make the room so dark that if you were to get out of bed you would be nervous that you would trip. Your body is designed to be awake and work during the day and and sleep at night. This is your bodies chance to recover from what you have done during the day from repairing damaged muscle cells to regulating hormones. Mess with your sleep and mess with your waist line!

#3 Move more. Swim Run CrossFit Zumba Dance Box Hike. It doesn’t matter just move and move often. Find something that you enjoy that gets you up and moving. The body is meant to move and as teenagers then adolescents, and then as adults we tend to move less and less. This is reeking havoc on the general population. From poor posture to the inability to perform the most basic tasks such as a FULL DEPTH squat, to putting both arms above the head with straight arms. Strive to regain that lost range of motion through movement and maintain it for as long as you can. The old adage of if you don’t use it you loose it holds true here!

#4 Stress – Learning how to deal with stress and allow yourself to unwind has a huge impact on your overall health and body composition. Having constantly elevated levels of stress can lead to binge eating. Also constant levels of stress can interfere with the bodies ability to regulate hormones that are related to body composition regulation. Find a (healthy) way to unwind Yoga, reading, and meditation are all great ways to down regulate.

#5  Social Environment The people you surround yourself with. It is said you will become the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. Are the five people you spend your time with overweight unhealthy and only making it worst! It may be time to start looking for some new friends. Would you want your kids to associate with other kids who were breaking into cars and homes? Why not because you know very well that we are influenced by the people we surround ourselves with. If you want to be healthier and happier look for others who are doing things that align with the goals you have.