8 Week Challenge

“Working one on one with Coach Jen in the beginning really helped get me back into the groove of working out after being out of it for so long. Getting up at 5am every morning to workout is something I would never do before this, but it’s now become part of my weekly routine, and I actually look forward to it! This 8-week challenge has been amazing for me- I am feeling more confident in my own skin and I love being able to see and feel my progress every day. I’m also learning how to properly eat food and enjoy it!” 

“Mohawk Valley Wellness has been a real game-changer. In the short period of time that I have been part of the MVW family, I have seen major changes in my overall health. I started with the 8-week challenge which allowed me to have the one-on-one personal training that I needed.

After completing the 8-week challenge with the results I was looking for, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted more. The coaches are extremely supportive and are always willing to answer any questions I have. Furthermore, the members are a true joy and truly make you feel like family. I remember not making it to my regular 6:30 am fitness class. Never thought that anyone would notice that I wasn’t there. Well, I was very wrong! Every single person asked where I was which gave me a huge sense of belonging that I have never felt in any other facility I have been a part of. I know I have just started, and cannot wait to see what else is in store for me with the great support and encouragement I have at MVW.”

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