Mohawk Valley Fit Kids

If you are looking for a fun way for your children to be active, sign them up for our Mohawk Valley Fit Kids program!

This class is made up 45-minute sessions that will engage your child in fun fitness activities, which can be scalable to each ability level.

We place an emphasis on balance and improving coordination and speed with programming that uses functional movements that are constantly varied as their “inner athlete” finds consistency in movement patterns, including running, jumping, tumbling, climbing, and bodyweight movements. Our coaches will conduct drills that are designed to help develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, instill confidence, and teach the athletes the value of leadership and teamwork, starting at an early age.

In our Mohawk Valley Fit Kids classes, we strive to build a positive mindset through movement to keep children thinking exercise can be fun, and our Mohawk Valley Fit Kids program will teach your children healthy lifestyle practices that will last a lifetime!

Our program is headed by a New York State certified teacher and an experienced guidance counselor; and both are also CrossFit coaches. These coaches celebrate the abilities and successes of every child, at every ability level, as we strive to empower each young athlete to be comfortable in his or her skin.

Mohawk Valley Fit Kids classes are unique to our area, and have been programmed and developed to build your child’s confidence, teach them lifelong skills, encourage social interactions, and to have FUN!

For ages: 6-11 years old

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