New friends and a smaller waist line!


New friends and a smaller waist line!

The simple fact of working out around others is likely to increase your results regardless the fitness program.

We are all competitive people whether we want to admit it or not, it’s ingrained in our DNA. ┬áNo one wants to come in last just like nobody wants to be the loser in any scenario.

This doesn’t change or go away when it comes to working out or Fitness. In fact that natural competitiveness becomes magnified in the athletic arena.

We understand that one of the biggest factors to whether or not a program produces results is going to be your intensity level. We can all agree that walking on a treadmill at a 1% incline at a .2 mile per hour pace is probably not going to produce much of a dramatic result.

Now what if I put your friend on the treadmill next to you. Out of the corner of your eye you notice that they bumped up their incline a little bit? Magically your incline just went up a little bit, then you notice they’re going a little bit faster. So you start to go little bit faster, next thing you know it looks like the scene from Rocky III with Rocky and Apollo Creed sprinting down the beach!

This is a good thing within reason when it comes to training. Think of an at-home DVD that you could do with no one around you, it’s very easy to stop in the middle or the slack off. In a group setting you’re held accountable not only by the coach but by the other people in the class with you.

So if there is one simple thing you could do to get faster results it is working out with others, whether that means having people come train with you at your house or joining a facility that has group classes. Get to it make some new friends along the way!