All new members will go through some level of Personal Training before entering into a group class.

The number of personal training sessions will be based on several different factors. To include the athletes training background, age, body composition, ability to demonstrate understanding of movements that will be seen in the group class.

We have been providing fitness coaching for over six years now and we know what works best. All new athletes meet with a coach and during these personal training sessions the coach will conduct a movement assessment, body composition analysis. The personal training sessions will also include discussions covering nutrition, rest, and recovery.

The purpose of these personal training sessions is to prepare you and make sure you are comfortable and ready to be in a group class.

Mohawk Valley Wellness offers a premier service, and our pricing is competitive with other fitness facilities and gyms in our local area!

Each member is required to have a credit or debit card account on file for you automatic monthly payments. This is not a contract and you still may cancel your membership via email 5 days prior to the next billing cycle. If you choose to pay in cash, we require a 3 month minimum purchase in order to do so and an online profile is still required. By doing this it will allow us to spend less time dealing with administrative issues and more time working with you.

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