Wellness Partners

S4C Soccer

Soccer is unique: it requires an incredible amount of speed, skill, strength, and conditioning. 90 minutes, no time outs, limited subs. Elite players need to move at variable speeds from sprinting to jogging for an entire game, covering on average 6-8 miles, all while maintaining the ability to attack, defend, and create.

A skillful player without strength and stamina is easily defended once he/she tires. A strong and fit player without skill is a liability with the ball at his/her foot. To become elite, a soccer player must be strong, fast and skillful for 90 minutes.

MK Martial Arts

MK Martial Arts is dedicated to sharing the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in its most pure form; based in self defense techniques developed by the late Helio & Carlos Gracie nearly a century ago. Their concepts can be applied by the smaller, weaker and less athletic of men and women in a way so affective that they can over power the bigger and stronger aggressor.

These teachings have been proven over decades and decades of challenges from the what was thought of as more traditional forms of martial art. We welcome all participants willing to dive into our world of Brazilian Jiujitsu, and in doing so become happier, healthier and more clear minded than they have ever been before.

Class Schedule

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gi)

  • Tuesday: 6:30am-8:00am
  • Thursday: 6:30am-8:00am

Submission Grappling (NoGi)

  • Thursday: 12:00-1:30pm
  • Saturday: 6:30am-8:00am

Learn more at https://mkmartialarts.net/

Balanced Chef

A simple way to eat well- A chef-crafted, dietician approved meal at your fingertips in 2 minutes! The Balanced Chef offers healthy ready-to-go prepped meals for local pickup or delivery. With a constantly evolving and changing menu, paired with their signature, fan-favorite dishes and custom meal plans, The Balanced Chef meals are portion controlled and effortless in keeping your nutrition on track!

Learn more at www.balancedchef.com

Climb Chiropractic Sports Health

Climb Chiropractic Sports Health is a partnership developed by Dr. Ashley Moody and Dr. Nick Aunkst. Climb Chiropractic Sports Health was created to educate and empower our community towards successful treatment outcomes in a comfortable and energetic setting, where health, wellness and community can come together in downtown Utica, NY.

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Julia Primps Physical Therapy

CrossFit member, Dr. Julia Primps offers premiere physical therapy appointments right here at Mohawk Valley Wellness! Julia’s services include Physical Therapy for individuals across the lifespan. Julia offers 1 on 1 initial evaluations, with specialized follow up treatments.

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Enhanced Wellness Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Recovery, Cupping, Stretching, Active and Passive Release, and Hot Stone therapy at your service! A healthy diet and exercise form the backbone of good physical health, but did you know, self-care and pampering can trigger the relaxation response. Relaxation, in turn, can improve energy levels and prevent chronic stress from further damaging your health.

Book your self-care here: http://bit.ly/2MUw4ax