We’re not all Olympic-level athletes, but all of us can get a piece of that feeling of synchronicity, and that athletic look, regardless of our age or starting fitness level.

You can’t beat the Concept2 Indoor Rower for ease of access and non-impact, total-body fitness. It’s the machine that Olympians and other competitive rowers use for their training and testing, and even if the Olympics aren’t in your future, you can build your fitness on the exact same machines the athletes do. – Concept II

Ready to give it a try? Mohawk Valley Wellness is the only facility in the area to offer a 60 min rowing class. The class is lead by an experienced collegiate rower and certified rowing coach. With ten Concept II model D at Mohawk Valley Wellness you are treated to the best made rowing machines produced today.

This 60 minute class focuses on rowing and proper rowing technique along with other exercises to help build strength, burn calories, and improve overall health and fitness.

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