Soccer Development (S4C)

What is the best way to get faster?

Get stronger.

To improve on the field a player needs to work on ball skills and technique every day, and to include strength and conditioning at least twice per week.

What is all this buzz about S4C you ask?

S4C is a strength and conditioning program created by two of our very own coaches, which is designed for soccer players with an emphasis on developing skill and technique.

Building foundational strength requires continuous, well thought out work, not sporadic trips to the weight room. A proper strength and conditioning program not only improve athleticism, it prevents injuries.

By understanding the unique demands on high school athletes, we program S4C to allow for continuous training year-round without overworking the body and the mind.

Many of our S4C members play soccer year-round and still find time to get their training in 2x a week. Come check it out and train with a great group of athletes!

Class Schedule:

Tuesday’s at 4:30pm
Thursday’s at 4:30pm
Sunday’s at 11:30am

With summer right around the corner, S4C will be expanding class offerings, with individual training, and team training available.

For more information, reach out to [email protected]

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