Sarah LaReaux

Sarah LaReaux


Sarah’s interest in physical fitness stems from a very young age, being raised in a house with three brothers who were constantly involved in sports, she sought to make her own mark as a formidable athlete, and her parents were more than happy to encourage her competitive nature. Throughout her high school years, Sarah was both a fierce soccer and volleyball competitor and her tenacity on the soccer field continued into a successful and competitive collegiate career, winning a NJCAA Soccer Championship and making the All American team her freshman year. Her dedication to be at her physical best introduced her to strength training during this time.

After finishing her undergraduate degree, Sarah continued to pursue her interest in health and sports and earned a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, a profession that would eventually make for a smooth transition into the overall Crossfit philosophy.

As Sarah started working full-time and raising her daughter, there wasn’t much time left for late night, pickup soccer games. At the suggestion of her older brother and fellow Crossfit Coach Colin, she started Crossfit and immediately found herself hooked, as the challenging but enjoyable aspects of the workouts combined with a sense of camaraderie and gave her a new outlet for exercise, competition, and physical wellness.

Sarah says: “I have never enjoyed working out so much. Crossfit has the wonderful ability to humble you in a motivating way, while allowing for continued improvement as you age. As a coach, I get to share my passion for health, fitness, and human anatomy with the members of Mohawk Valley Wellness, and I can honestly say I love every minute I am at the gym.”