John’s 10 Top Ten Ways to suck less in the gym and and have a better life outside of the gym.

#1 SHOW THE FUCK UP! I can’t tell you how important consistency is. You want you first pull up show up and do pull ups A lot of them. You want a double body weight back squat show up and SQUAT. You want to change your body composition to change, well MAKE CHANGE AND BE CONSISTENT with those changes. This is not rocket science if you don’t believe me then go to the person with the Pull Ups, X2 Body weight squat, etc etc and ask them how they got to that point. I PROMISE IT WON”T BE NOT SHOWING UP!!!! SHOW UP SHOW UP MAKE ME ASK YOU TO LEAVE THE GYM!!!!

#2 Learn to love HARD WORK. I mean really hard work.  If you are leaving the facility on a daily basis looking like you could go out to dinner after with out heading home to fix yourself YOU ARE WRONG DON’T BE WRONG. This doesn’t mean you have to throw up on your feet or end up on the floor in a heap every day. This means you should learn to push yourself a little harder. The things that really work usually SUCK great examples are the Prowler – Air Assault Bikes, Running Sprints, Heavy Lifts. Learn to love these not fear them.

#3 Put some god dam weight on the bar. If you are squatting, pressing, pulling etc. I am going out on limb and guessing that you have a desire to get stronger. Well guess what squatting that PVC pipe for the next 9 months isn’t going to get you there my friend. This doesn’t mean go so heavy your missing lifts on a daily basis or that your form looks like dog shit. Small increases of 1.25-2.5-5lbs each week add up over time. Your lifting to get stronger so act like it!

#4 Stop fucking cherry picking work outs. I know not everyone can do double unders but guess what if you avoid it every time it shows up you will never get them. Man/Woman up come in on the days you want to skip and challenge yourself to get better and something you struggle with! Even better take the thing you are the worst at and set a goal based around that. Take it a step further put that goal on the white board at the gym!

#5 Stop Neglecting the importance of you nutrition. If the only thing you have changed sense joining CFMV is that you now work out more often that’s great but your missing SO MUCH! Nutrition is the basis to all of this. Take the gym and throw it out the window. Do you want to feel better, look better naked, live longer. Than fix your nutrition stop eating like a god-dam three year old at a Halloween party and eat like an adult. Once again look towards meats, plants, nuts and seeds as the staples in your nutrition. Don’t skimp on the hydration either I will judge you by the color of your urine!

#6 Go to bed. Go to bed earlier get off the computer. Get off the Facebook, Myspace, PlentyofFish etc. Your body will thank you in the long run. The human body was designed to be up and productive during the day and to rest at night. Stop trying to fight what you body wants and needs. I understand everyone works different schedules and this isn’t possible all the time but make the best of your situation. If you work an odd shift or even if you don’t make that room as dark as possible. Get the phones away from your turn off the unnecessary lights cover up the alarm clock. Allow your body to recharge and recover from the beating it took mentally and physically that day. You want a great supplement try a steady regimen of more sleep. Money back guarantee on that one.

#7 More is not always better. Well today I am going to hit CrossFit then I am going to do the Boilermaker Training Run and on the way back I am going to swing over and do some Zumba for 30 minutes. Your body can only take so much there is a pretty interesting saying that gets tossed around a lot. It states “There is no such thing as over training only under recovering” I can agree and disagree with that but the general idea is correct. You have to understand that with all exercise there is damage occurring in your body on the cellular level. If you just continuously beat the brick off yourself and never recover you will slowly start to regress. If you think this is a golden ticket not to show up GO BACK TO #1 and read that a few times.

#8 Track what you are doing and set actual goals. This is the difference between TRAINING and “just working out”. We preach this all the time. Write down what your doing and make sure you understand it. If you have no desire to get stronger than you can simply disregard this one and continue lifting with no true forward progress. Please don’t be surprised when you are out-lifted by someone who is tracking their lifts.

#9 Understand that everyday won’t be a home run day. There will be days that your lifts suck. That the first 25m of the run feels like death. This is life and is going to happen. We are all humans, grind through the day and complete the task. If you really want that goal what ever it is you need to be able to get past these speed bumps with out being derailed totally. The quote at the top of this is a solid example of what it takes to get to where you want to be.

#10 Have fun with your training. I love training I look forward to it every day and plan on doing the above things in an attempt to allow me to train for the next 50+ years. If you don’t love the process or what your doing than it will be hard to be consistent which again is #1

I challenge you to take a few of these items and work on them over the next few weeks.

***Grammar police buzz off. I am a Infantry Marine who loves Fitness, my schooling was learning to shoot, move, and communicate not where to drop commas.***

-John’s Sunday Evening Ramblings