The hardest thing you have done in a long time, that you wish you had started sooner!


The hardest thing you have done in a long time, that you wish you had started sooner!

There is a cliche saying that goes as follows: If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.


This couldn’t be more true when it comes to your fitness levels and even your overall health.


So let’s take a second and think about what we’re saying here.


Paying attention to the food, and the amount of food, you eat is not easy; honestly it’s pretty challenging.


If resisting the overly sugar-laden food, and overeating it in general, was easy then having an ideal healthy body composition wouldn’t be an issue.


Now, let’s take this idea and apply it to training, as well.  If you want to increase your strength, your work capacity, or just generally get better at anything, if you don’t challenge yourself you will have a very difficult time achieving those goals.


You want a bigger back squat?  Overtime, you’re going to have to add weight to that bar (and it’s going to become uncomfortable at some point).


You want to run that sub 6 minute mile?  You will have to run hard and fast.  Your legs are going to ache during that run.  It’s going to be uncomfortable.  It’s going to be challenging.


What is challenging for one person, though, may not even be close to challenging for another, but regardless challenging yourself in some way, shape, or form is what’s necessary for growth.


I don’t beat around the bush and the workouts we do on a daily basis in our facility are challenging each and everyday. If you’re ready to make a change and see some positive growth, physically and mentally, it’s time to challenge yourself.


I can promise you that it’ll be the hardest thing you’ve done in awhile and you will wish that you had started years ago.