Building Community Through Fitness

Building Community Through Fitness


To The Next Level

Lose Weight

Maximize fat loss through high-intensity workouts.

Build Muscle

Gain muscle mass and increase strength through weight-lifting and bodyweight movements.

Improve Health

Increase energy levels, lower blood pressure, improve your quality of sleep and approach life with a positive mindset.

Eat Better

Nutrition is the foundation of your lifestyle. You can’t out-exercise a poor diet!

Community Support

Surround yourself with like-minded, positive individuals who will motivate and encourage you!


Your Health is Our Priority


Your Health is Our Priority

Step 1


Meet Us

And Book a No Sweat Intro

Get to know us better while sharing your goals and current abilities.

Step 2


Sign Up

And Choose The Perfect Option

You have a plan and now you have a community. It’s time to get on the road to becoming the BEST version of yourself!

Step 3


Start Your Journey

And Reach Your Goals

Enjoy your program, be consistent, and utilize your coach(es)! Your dream outcome is on the horizon!


What Our Members Have to Say

Best Facility in the Area!

“Best facility in the area! If you like a variety of full body workouts and like to feel like you are apart of the community- you NEED to join this gym. I see results so much quicker than just going to a regular gym. The motivation that the coaches give you and the people around you is a feeling that makes you feel unstoppable and that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Thank you Mohawk Valley Wellness!”

~ Kelly L.

Absolutely Amazing

“These guys can truly help you change your life – if you let them, John and Vin are absolutely amazing and truly care about every person they help! Would recommend to anyone who’s looking to lose weight, get in shape, or even just tone an already good physique. This place is no joke! They’re good at what they do and know their business!”

~ Andrew

Wonderful Community

“Everyone at Mohawk Valley Wellness has been amazing since I’ve joined. They have a wonderful community and only want the best for all their members! There is someone always pushing you to do your best whether it’s a coach or fellow member. Whether you need help with fitness, or nutrition there is something for everyone – no matter what your age or fitness level is.”

~ Gemina C.