Mohawk Valley Fitness

What is MV Fitness all about?

CrossFit isn’t for you? No problem! Our Mohawk Valley Fitness group classes eliminate the use of a barbell, and are creatively programmed based around body weight movements, and minimal equipment.

At Mohawk Valley Fitness, our mission is to create an extremely approachable environment and to offer a challenging workout for all abilities and levels of athletes. We utilize our body weight, kettlebells, Concept 2 rowers, Assault bikes, and more to program creative workouts that are FUN and achieve a physical stimulus that appeals to all! Enjoy working out in a stress-free, motivated atmosphere with like-minded individuals.

Superior Programming:

Mohawk Valley Fitness takes a scientific approach to programming that will help maximize fat loss and increase overall levels of health and fitness. Our constantly varied programming makes everyday a new challenge. We believe that this approach keeps you motivated and excited to come to the gym!

A Community that Feels like Family:

Welcome to your second home! We believe that when you surround yourself with other likeminded, motivated individuals who are also working to make significant lifestyle changes, the positive energy is contagious!

State of the Art Coaching:

All our coaches are cross-trained in multiple areas of health and fitness, to produce well-rounded and inspiring individuals who have your best interest at heart! Our small, group classes are each coached by highly qualified, passionate coaches that are dedicated to helping you succeed.

We Believe in a Holistic Approach to Fitness:

While fitness and physical activity are certainly a priority; rest, nutrition and hydration are equally important in order to achieve optimal results and allow you to reach your goals. Our coaching staff will onboard you with nutrition plans, shopping lists, and knowledge on proper hydration and sleep.

This premiere program is proud to be an integral component of Mohawk Valley Wellness.